Unknown Love (Creepypasta Fanfiction)

Unknown Love (Creepypasta Fanfiction)

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Slender fell in love with a girl with a mysterious power inside. She was sent on a mission that no one can know. Slender didn't know about her mission. Ever since the girl was a child Slender has been looking after her when one day he took her away and make her join his crew. She kept a journal about how was her life being one of them. She tittled it 'Creepypasta'.

After her 50th birthday she disappear. The whole mansion went out to search for her but she was gone. The whole mansion fell in sadness and killing spree is not in their mood. It lasted a few months before they all move on but Slender can't. 

A girl found a book inside the library tittle Creepypasta. That's when things started to go in pieces. Why did Slender love one went missing? What mission can possible she was put on? What power does she have?

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