Born From Fire and Blood

Born From Fire and Blood

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OxJDxO By OxJDxO Updated Aug 22

Deanerys Targaryen, Stormborn, mother of dragons. 

Carrier of a legacy given to her over generations, but now it doesn't matter anymore. The breaker of chains was dead, killed by the man she loved. 
Or at least, that's what everybody thinks. 

When she passed away, Drogon gave a part of his fire to her, a piece of his life, to safe the only family left for them. Now Dany has changed into something so much bigger, born from the fire of a dragon and the blood of her enemies.


This is going to be something like...season 9 maybe? I will don't expect that only Dany is here (she just will be the main part of this story) , I try to make up plots for the left characters. (PoV. Dany, Brienne, Greyworm etc...)

This is a story right after season 8 episode 6! I didn't read the books yet, so everything is based on the HBO-Show.