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Adopted by EXO

Adopted by EXO

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공주 Princess By ezcapist Completed

Locked away. Abandoned. Abused. Hated. Scolded. Dirty. Depressed every day. Anna has been an abandoned Korean child at a very young age with no parents or at least that's what she thinks. 

Been to several foster homes but all returned her to the same orphanage within a week. She cries and hates her life and wants to commit suicide every day but somehow she manages to survive. Every day a frown on her face. 

Just when she starts to lose hope in herself and her life, a certain someone comes into her life and adopts her, making her his. 

Will he actually love her unlike the other foster families or will it be the same? Will this finally be her chance to live? Or will she hide away into darkness again? Will she find happiness? And what will it be like to live and be adopted by EXO?

bts_jungkook_ bts_jungkook_ Nov 13, 2016
Omgosh this is not happy kid orphanage that's why u c so many children wow did u not read the location u r at I will say that
AminaPasta406 AminaPasta406 May 23, 2016
Lol the gif got my bias Lay having the face of "D.O., what are you doing?😂"
Acupoftaeandsuga Acupoftaeandsuga Sep 03, 2016
Why did I think it was Chen? :') But damn~ y u calling her sweetie? Imma tell my bff.
KimTaehyungisahoe KimTaehyungisahoe Nov 30, 2016
I like how rose is like ' this is a bad choice there are other kids here and you chose the one i chose as a slave ... now I have to choose another one ARE YOU sure you don't wanna give her back ? '
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Dec 27, 2016
VERY happy kids here, as you can see by our main character, who is VERY happy.
Vkook_Trash_289 Vkook_Trash_289 Dec 08, 2015
Everyone saying hi except for d.o who is  busy looking inside of the trophy