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I Know You Like Me

I Know You Like Me

33.7K Reads 985 Votes 43 Part Story
Min SunYe By diamondelf193 Completed

Sometimes the one you hate most is the one you love. Superstar and diva, Kim Heechul, and SM trainee, Leenah Jung, have an instant irrational hatred for one another. Several obstacles cross their path, testing their hatred and care for each other. In the process, one just might admit feelings for their SM rival. Who will confess first?

seoulcityhaexx seoulcityhaexx Aug 10, 2016
Don't call my Heechul Oppa a jerk when you are his cake!! 😂
seoulcityhaexx seoulcityhaexx Aug 10, 2016
Omo, that's what Bom Unnie did in roommate with her pudding~!!
PrimadonnaMatt_ PrimadonnaMatt_ Nov 28, 2016
I get that all the time, guess now i know, it's just heechul creeping on me
_ryeowookie_ _ryeowookie_ Jan 03, 2015
SunYe,I like it.
                              my nose getting (nose bleed) because of the english^____^