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If you love me let me go (Cameron Dallas imagine)

If you love me let me go (Cameron Dallas imagine)

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pheebsmiller By pheebsmiller Completed

This is a story about a girl named Phoebe who is Nash's sister, Jack G's best friend, and has a crush on Cameron. One problem. Cam has a girlfriend.

TreeHiss TreeHiss Jun 04, 2016
I swear all Cameron's bitchy girlfriends are called Brittney
gilinsky1211 gilinsky1211 Mar 19, 2016
TBH I don't really see Cameron with a Brittany...not to be rude on anything
sunandmoonlight sunandmoonlight Dec 26, 2016
I don't know but Brittany sound like a bitchy name <sorry for the one who name is Brittney
LeLeLaRae LeLeLaRae Dec 11, 2016
Thats funny how her names rachel and everytime i think about nash dating someone its a girl named ra hel lol
The only reason I actually clicked this story was the title IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOO
mad_kittie mad_kittie Feb 12
When my names there and I'm like 'I'm dying of happiness on the inside' and everybody looks at me ands I'm like what? Then I realized I just yelled I'm dying off happiness out loud instead of in my head 😂❤️😂❤️