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Why not? (Hetalia fanfic- Spamano)

Why not? (Hetalia fanfic- Spamano)

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Olivia. Or Liv, Livy, whichever you want. By SugarN_Spice Updated Nov 06, 2014

Antonio is unsure why sullen Lovino is suddenly enjoying something, but does he really want to know what Lovis' new job is?

Italy-Fckin-Romano Italy-Fckin-Romano May 05, 2016
SPAGNA it's not even one chapter yet and you're hitting me with the feels already
Authorchansan Authorchansan Apr 29, 2016
Ok I'm pretty sure Lovi works at a strip club as a pole dancer and Spain is going to see him tomorrow.
Italy-Fckin-Romano Italy-Fckin-Romano May 05, 2016
If they're going to a club and Lovino is there I'm going to lose it
tentaclesmcgee69 tentaclesmcgee69 Mar 21, 2016
Maybe he has a job where he is all like, "say my name" and they call him Lovi.  He just doesn't want Antonio to call him that because he wants Antonio to be different from the people he works with.
Oh wow my mind is dark. Everyone's saying he's a stripper which makes sense. I was thinking he was rly sadistic and was working for the mafia or something :P
Italy-Fckin-Romano Italy-Fckin-Romano May 05, 2016
This job of his either involves guns or s&m
                              This is making me worry