The Son of Discord (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)

The Son of Discord (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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After the events of the Second Titan War, the Giant War, and the Trials of Apollo, we think that Percy Jackson, the Son of Poseidon, the two-time savior of Olympus, has gone through enough... which is why this journal doesn't document his stories; It's about ours.

Selene, Daphne, and Jason Hayes. That's us. Three modern day demigods just trying to stay alive. But gods, the Fates are making it so hard to do just that. Seriously though: When are we gonna catch a break? The short answer? Never. This is our story.
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WARNING: Contains spoilers for The Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze
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We don't own any already existent characters. Selene, Jason (not Grace), Daphne, Noah, Lynne, and a bunch of minor characters you'll see at the camps, as well as the plot, are owned by us. Everything else, including backstories and already existing characters, is credit to Uncle Rick Troll Riordan. 
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I did this with my friend, @SomeMarySue. Sooooo... the whole book is dedicated to her cause we both own it.  Sorry if this story sucks, but we were bored with nothing better to do. This was written by our juvenile, twelve-year-old minds, so please try not to judge. It was a just-for-fun project and it turned into this. It was a nice, just taking the original plot and adding on to it. Feel free to comment, vote, and share. Peace out, demigods.

 -Trista: SubjectA5theFangirl
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Sorry if this book is bad, we're just two twelve-year-olds (We just turned thirteen) with too much time on our hands. I started this because I got bored during the winter break. Took around four months, but it worth it. Had tons of fun creating and thinking up this story. Sorry if our writing sucks. (We haven't even graduated middle school yet) Have fun. Peace from... Peace from Canada. (Yes, we're from Canada)

 -Mayumi: SomeMarySue
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~FINISHED~ under editing

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