(Hiccstrid)~Until They Can Return in Peace

(Hiccstrid)~Until They Can Return in Peace

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Following the great migration of the dragons leaving the human world, Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III marries Astrid Hofferson. The Chief, Chieftess and all of the gang are challenged to learn how to do life differently as their scaled companions have gone off to the Hidden World. 

Inspired by the Movies and TV Series, this emotional, yet heart harming tale takes place in the 10 years we don't see in the third How to Train Your Dragon film; between the wedding and where it ends with Hiccup's and Toothless' families meeting at the edge of the world.

All the heartache, grief, love, union, and so much more are captured beyond what you see on the silver screen. 

Read on to see what takes place within the decade. 

*MOST Characters and Events referred to in this story are all credited to DreamWorks*
*The antagonist threats are of my creation*

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