The Consequences of Champagne and Murder

The Consequences of Champagne and Murder

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{Wattys 2019 winner - Historical Fiction}
Paris. 1728. 

Olivier de Aumont has three problems he'd rather not deal with at the moment. The first is his bothersome weak heart causing trouble for him whenever he dares to venture outside. The second is his neglectful parents' masquerades of debauchery and the group of baby goats they keep in the back garden. The third, and admittedly most troublesome, is his straight laced and boring-to-tears adopted brother somehow getting himself arrested for murder.

Now Olivier not only has to find a way to break his brother out of the Bastille, but also has to work together with his twin sister (who always seems to be more interested in dresses and illicit activities than anything else) and a teenage King Louis XV to prove his brother is innocent of the crimes he's been charged with. Which would be just fine if his brother's blood related sister hadn't shown up and started ruining absolutely everything, and if the deadly clock magic plaguing the city would just leave his family alone. 

He hasn't the slightest idea if he can prove his brother's innocence, or if he'll ever be able to go back to the way things were before all this nonsense began. But one thing is for certain: he's going to need a great deal more champagne.