Ceremonials (A Werewolf Tale)- ON HOLD!!

Ceremonials (A Werewolf Tale)- ON HOLD!!

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xPippa By xPippa Updated Jan 15, 2016

(A werewolf Tale of vengeance, loss of innocence, violence and love.)

'A King is a saint and cannot rule, and his son is a devil and should not."Philippa Gregory

*Excerpt* (full description in first part)

"Sarah, they will use those devices to ensnare you before you even realise the game has started; and by then, no measure of fighting or knife skills will help you, because they've already conquered your mind through something as weak as your heart."

"Cedri- " 

"No. Listen. The fact that you hesitated when I put my hand on your waist, means you've already lost."

She hated them. She hated them for everything they were, everything they represented. She hated them for their royalty, for their ability to force loyalty and sanction destruction.

She hated them for their carelessness, their entitlement.

She hated them.

It was all because of them that Sarah learnt to use a knife before she could use a spoon. It was all because of them that she craved bloodlust, desired violence. It was all because of them that she'd never be able to be her wolf in the true sense of the word - yes, she was loyal, but only to her vengeance; and yes she was self-sacrificial but only for her family. She would never be altruistic, submissive - such that the nature of a wolf was created to be.

She couldn't be. She couldn't be because she couldn't feel - to feel was to show vulnerability, weakness.

But...Sometimes, in the moments where she witnessed innocence in the world around her, she mourned the loss of her heart... however standing now, in front of the Royals - who destroyed her childhood, broke her father and tore apart her family bonds - she was glad.

She was glad because it would make ripping their hearts out an absolute pleasure. Especially His.

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YunanlijTrapinh YunanlijTrapinh Jun 02, 2017
Three: That I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward.
Diamondsky519 Diamondsky519 Apr 15, 2017
But is it? Would it be better to meet your mother and then have her die? Or to never get to meet her? To not memories of her or to have ever known what it's like to have a mothers love? Is it truly better to have never known her to begin with?
Mixed_Chic Mixed_Chic Feb 10, 2016
People normally say that it was better to have known and lost than to never known at all.
irzaki irzaki Mar 26, 2016
Hate, pain, revenge &  pinch of salt(love lol) ! *rubs my hands*
PlumBlossoms PlumBlossoms Dec 18, 2015
I thought the "leader" wasn't there? O.o she sniffed and didn't scent him earlier, right?
Ging3rBr3ad13 Ging3rBr3ad13 Nov 17, 2015
Love your story! Very unique so far, and well written as well.