Unnoticed Billionaire

Unnoticed Billionaire

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Makayla By PanicAtTheEmo_ Updated Jun 30

Meet Lilac Eisley. 23 and never went to college. Lives in New York and is a lazy Starbucks worker and commonly was out with her best friends to party and have fun. But when Lilac finds a man while enjoying herself, as in... being at work, she broke the promise she made to herself before she even genuinely knew his name. She fell in love.
Meet Dominic Oscar. A billionaire of New York at just 25. No, he never thought he could go ahead and walk into a Starbucks and go unnoticed (He never thinks this obnoxiously or arrogantly). But when a girl he never met before didn't recognize him, he couldn't help but bask in the glory of being safe and calmness. He manages to use the alias of Oscar and even managed to get her to spell it wrong. You have to be uneducated if you don't know that Oscar is the way you spell his last name. But why judge a book by its cover, right? He's had his fair share of stupid moments. Why interrogate her on how she spells Oscar when he can spell out his number on a piece of napkin? 

So when worlds collide and when jokes and intimate moments find their way in the friendship. Between the poor Starbucks worker who was bound to let any train hit her before it put distance between her and the rich man who slipped his phone number to her that fateful morning. Fame and money become a separation to the two, and just wanting to wake up next to each other in each other's arms sounded like music to their ears. But when danger finds it's way into Dominic and Lilac's friendship, who could ever take the moment to realize that danger could separate them and their undying love for each other. Find out what is endangering them. Find out what is stopping this love story from starting up.

Makayla Malik is a young author that was born in Chicago, Illinois but mainly grew up in Indiana most of her life. Aspiring to become a writer, Makayla Malik remains solemnly just as a young author.

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