Turn the World Around

Turn the World Around

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Lance Schonberg By LanceSchonberg Updated 4 days ago

On a walk during his lunch break, Ian Cotta watches a fiery alien ship land in the harbour. Moments later, he learns he's been chosen as an Intermediary, a neutral representative to help negotiate the end to a decades-long three-way interstellar war.

There's no way he can possibly say no, but Ian's brain catches up to his responsibilities just quickly enough that he manages to talk it through with his wife.

That conversation changes his family's lives forever, and may have a tiny chance to help end the war.

Turn the World Around is a short novel, running about 35,000 words across 30 scenes and will begin serialization on 22 May 2019 and is currently available on Amazon as both an e-book and a paperback.

Dedicated to Jim Henson, Harry Belafonte, and everyone who had anything to do with a particular episode of The Muppet Show. Thank you.

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