Wicked Little Creatures | WLC Book 1 | Completed ✔

Wicked Little Creatures | WLC Book 1 | Completed ✔

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Lacy Sheridan By Amethyst_Rain Updated Nov 14, 2019

Sutton knows Lilymoore isn't like other towns, and has since her mother pulled her away from mysterious Bellamy and told her never to speak to the Other Things. She knows all the rules: not to look up when the lights flicker in the diner and not to look outside when something scratches at the doors or windows late at night. To be home by dark. To pretend to forget that anything strange has ever happened at all.

And when Bellamy comes back into town and her best friend is affected by the tragedies that follow him, she knows she's not like other people in Lilymoore. She can't forget. What she doesn't know is what that means.

Throwing herself into a search for the truth, the last thing Sutton expects is to be approached by Bellamy--self-proclaimed king of the Other Things--himself, who claims he's only trying to reign in the situation. He can offer all the answers she wants, if she's willing to follow him into the darkest parts of Lilymoore. But allying with him may cost more than Sutton's prepared to pay.

Her friends. Her safety. Her life.

After all, the truth can't be unlearned. And running with the Other Things will always leave its mark.

** Cover by @acetylcholous **