Coughing Up My Own Blood

Coughing Up My Own Blood

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Tess_RoMeave By Tess_RoMeave Updated Aug 22

I didn't believe I would fall for them but hell i did. Shows how terrible the heart is sometime.

Karin isn't like all the other boys in school he coughs up blood for no apparent reason and their dads aren't famous boxers who beat their kids because they can. 

Mian popular, bully and loves to torment Karin but he holds his own secret; waiting for Karin to beg him what he wants and for him to reply 'You' but another thought tears at him Blake.

Blake a kind soul with a crush on two, Karin and Mian only problem  is that he is the schools counsellor.

Ryder he was there from the beginning that all the craziness started, he made a vow to him self; I'll be Karin's protector and make sure he will never be harmed again. 

Cover made by @Potato__Writer