Love Me Strongly

Love Me Strongly

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QUEEN By Glamorous_gangsta Updated Jan 07, 2017

Zeenah was 16 years old when her father killed her mother along with himself. Zeenah and her little sister Zorri who was 5 years old at the time was taken into foster care. 2 years later Zeenah Is 18 and a senior in high school. She and Zorri are left with no family what so ever. Zeenah loves Zorri dearly, but Zeenah yarns for someone to love her. Love her strongly.

18 year old Marcus gets all the "hoes." He's funny, Handsome, and most of all rich. He inherited a large amount of money from his grandfather. So of course all the females are flocking his way. He doesn't do relationships true,but It would be good  to have someone to love sometimes. It would be even better to have someone to love him. Love him strongly.

See what happens when these two teens Zeenah and Marcus cross paths. Secrets are revealed and new relationships are made.

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user58603107 user58603107 Sep 03, 2017
good so far, but proof read before publishing PLEASE, spelling and grammatical errors ruin a good book
ariboo2001 ariboo2001 Jul 10, 2015
Omg so  sad I can't see myself going through that I would cry everyday of the hour
Glamorous_gangsta Glamorous_gangsta Sep 28, 2014
@MoMoRichGang yupp im starting on it now imma inbox u when i post it