Mortals meet Percabeth (and others)

Mortals meet Percabeth (and others)

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This is an extremely basic story, as there is a lot of stories like this one. It's a collection of Mortals meeting Percabeth and all the other couples. 
If you want a character for me to have react to the couple if you choice, just tell me the name and couple.

Don't be afraid to send in requests if you really want a one shot done.

If you want, you can private message me OC's with the ship you want them to interact with and their relations with, etc.

strawberry134evs strawberry134evs Dec 19, 2016
CALEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leo has a girlfriend named Calypso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              HE BELONGS WITH CALYPSO!!!
                              DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!!!
rosemarymac rosemarymac Jan 04
rosemarymac rosemarymac Jan 04
I don't have any of those... but I don't really think I pretty.
                              I have shoulder length dirty blonde hair, brown/hazel eyes and I'm extremely skinny for a twelve year old,
"And then they become friends. But the same thing that happened with her and Percy happened again, except with her and Leo this time. Calypso and Leo lived happily ever after while she ran into another person and idk fell in love and [insert sappy quote from any romance book]." THE END.
Percabethlover_1993 Percabethlover_1993 Dec 22, 2016
Don't you hate it when wattpad shows you an error message when you try to vote. That's happening to me right now.