Niji {Mahiro×Reader}

Niji {Mahiro×Reader}

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Lana Hyde By Alaena0407 Completed

I wrote this because honestly
There aren't enough V-kei stories here, one of those V-kei bands being Kiryu. 

I do not write these for any specific person. I write them in my own free time when inspiration strikes. 

I apologize if the story turns out crappy. My writing is most definitely not as good as most other writers. 

A reminder, that event that happens in this book is merely the imagination of a fan girl, and nothing more than fiction.


After a traumatic accident, you build your walls around you, to block as much as you can out. 

This wall breaks down as you discover a new band, and you eventually get hooked onto them. A meeting with a certain someone in the group changes your life, and leads to a series of events that you never expected would happen. 


I may rewrite the book after completing it to make it more detailed. As of now, I feel my writing only flows through the basic sequence of events with efforts to describe every moment.