A Study In Scarlett (Sherlock X OC)

A Study In Scarlett (Sherlock X OC)

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Louise By iWicked Updated Aug 04, 2016

Greg Lestrade wanted the best for his daughter, just like any father would.

Greg Lestrade also wanted to keep his daughter away from the "danger seeking" Sherlock Holmes, just like any father would.

However, sometimes things are just out of your control. 


Scarlett turned her head in curiosity at the sound of heavy footsteps walking quickly up the stairs, too heavy to be Miss. Hudson, Scarlett concluded. A tall man with black, curly, and unkempt hair walked into the room. He was holding a bright pink carry-on and obviously had not seen Scarlett yet. The man had only noticed her when he walked into the kitchen where she stood casually. His eyes met hers and he studied her, just like she was studying him.

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i_221b_sherlocked i_221b_sherlocked Aug 28, 2015
Btw you do know study in scarlet is a short story from the original series :p