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Seth By grungeho Completed

"Mr. Evans I don't know what you're doing but..."

"Shut up." He says in an annoyed tone. 

I was taken aback by that. Did he really just cut me off...?

"I'm trying so hard...Zoey, but you're making it difficult for me." He says biting his lower lip, looking down at his shoes. The way my name sounded coming from him honestly shot tingles down my spine. Could this get any worse than it already is?

"Trying hard...for what?" I ask raising my eyebrow. I know what I was trying hard to do. My heart was beating so fast but I was trying to keep my cool. I don't even know what emotion I'm feeling.

His face neared mine and he whispered lowly in my ear, sending shivers through my body.

"I'm trying so hard not to bend you over that desk and f**k you senseless."