Is It You?! [NaLu FanFic]

Is It You?! [NaLu FanFic]

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Jessica :] By HammyKow Completed

Life isn't going so good for Lucy, as at the age of 7, she's kicked out of her own house.
As for Natsu, although of his talent of devouring, isn't as happy either. 
The two meet at a tragic event, and immediately become friends.

Their meeting was short, but they'll recognize each other in the future, right?

Then there's her current life. Adopted, with her adopted brother Loke and her adopted mother Kayla. After 10 years, the decide to go to a restaurant to celebrate. But an unexpected meeting was encountered.

Who did she meet? Read my Story and you'll find out!


Disclaimer! :OOO

I don't own Fairy Tail or any of it's Characters!

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raiIsHanah raiIsHanah Mar 24, 2017's not otasan, it's otosan...I've read this many times at anime shows and my app says otosan
FunkyUnicorn124 FunkyUnicorn124 Jul 25, 2017
We're the eggs cooked in the microwave? Cos they'd explode if they were
LeveledUpLove LeveledUpLove Sep 18, 2016
wendymarvel10 wendymarvel10 Aug 21, 2016
Saw that one coming... As expected from the one who wouldnt give up on food for anything......except lucy that is.......😋😇😏