Water through your fingers(GirlxGirl)

Water through your fingers(GirlxGirl)

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killainoue21hime By killainoue21hime Updated Nov 23, 2014

She watched as her parents were killed right before her eyes. 
Later that day she went and killed the man who ordered the hit and anyone else who got in her way.

Taking over her parents business at the young age of thirteen, she had to fight her way to the top,now all know not to challenge her,but that doesn't mean there aren't those who don't try.

She is watched by many. Some want to take her power, some want to arrest her. Some just want her dead.

When she takes intrest in the new girl,many see that as a weakness for her. Can she protect her new lover or will she end up like her parents?

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Fadingcrown Fadingcrown Apr 14, 2017
If you weren't interesting they wouldn't be talking about you.
People like this creep me out like in real life, I'd be screaming murder!
CJadeNuc CJadeNuc Nov 29, 2016
I guess she's a natural lady killer...
                              If it was me, I would've just said sorry, make an excuse, and leave. But let's be real, I'm a nobody, ain't nobody gonna bump into me and say sorry
SooCute_23 SooCute_23 Jul 11, 2014
I actually don't know why I'm smiling right now, maybe I'm going crazy xD