when life demands u to sacrifice

when life demands u to sacrifice

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kholazaffar By kholazaffar Updated Mar 27

unfair...unjust...cruel...demanding...this is what a definition of life for her...
she was innocent thus life snatched her innocence 
she was happy go lucky girl thus life makes her mature and serious 
she loves the concept of marriage but now she even hate the word marriage 
she was loved by all but now everyone hates her ,she is a burden for all..
she thought life is about enjoying now she realised that life is just about sacrificing ..
she was fragile like flower but life broke her in millionth pieces 

He was something every girl dreams about but now he became someone worst nightmare ...For world he is amazing businessman but for his wife he is the beast...

she was her ideal,her healing power but now she is the one who caused her the biggest harm...who broke her into thousand pieces....

none of them were like this before but something happened that changed them and there lives 

this story revolves around cousins...how life ditches them...what will happen when a girl have to marry someone she never ever thought about..what happens when her dreams get broken down just like her heart...what she will decide when she has to choose between her family and her dreams ....why life get so cruel sometimes and demands your innocence and ask u to b mature before time...but then again she is an optimistic person ...she knew it that she has to live this life to please Allah...that's when she decided to do something she never ever thought before....

lets ready for the roller coaster ride in their lives..

hope u guys like it...I'm not something u call amazing but I'm trying to b the one who can write upto ur expectations....