Behind Her Walls

Behind Her Walls

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"Oww!" she turned around wincing in pain but when she saw Ian she forget it all "Leave me!!" she jerked her hand away and he chuckled

"Don't worry! I don't want your gems getting on my hand either" he stepped closer and Mira stepped backwards until her back hit the wall behind her "Look! Two things to know, I hate you, so much. You hate me, so much too. Get out of my way and everything will be great" he gritted at his teeth and Mira surprised him by chuckling "Why the hell are you laughing?" he asked gripping her hand again

"Trust me" she got off the wall she was leaning on and pushed him away "I. Don't. Want. Anything. Near. You" she spoke those words with anger sparkling in her eyes. She was not afraid of him, and right now she hated him till death! "So, get your germs off of me, and get out of MY way" she jerked her hand from his grip that was still tight on it and directly snatched her items heading out


Mira Sham and Ian Pattinson are literally and completely two different individuals. Mira is hyper and confident, while Ian is so moody and mysterious. 

He is so bold and dauntless while she is always afraid and haunted by her past. She is simple locked inside and has built walls that shields her from everyone else, even her closest people....

Most importantly, Mira is a Muslim while Ian is a Christian who not only hates Muslims, but loathes the idea of them.

So, what happens when their worlds collides?? Could they accidentally fall in love? Could they overcome all the obstacles they face? After all they say opposites attract, right??



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