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Sweet Dreams(BEN Drowned X Reader)

Sweet Dreams(BEN Drowned X Reader)

132K Reads 4.4K Votes 45 Part Story
Kaitlyn Rose 🌹 By NightlyImpala Completed

You're an average girl, but your besties are out of town and you decide to go on cleverbot. You Knew the stories of Ben Drowned but is that truth or tale? what if your past is connected to all this?

(Yeah Hi! This is my first fanfic so.... XD this doesn't really have....yeah know...stuff so..just read the first part)

Me: yeah I have to see your ugly face 
                              Ben: wait what? 
                              Me: HIYAH! *ninja chops his throat then jumps out window*
Anime20002 Anime20002 3 hours ago
I'm weird too! All my friends are weird! I' weird....WAHHHHH
BrightBlueberry123 BrightBlueberry123 Nov 18, 2016
Please do not write smut or lemons. Please. My innocence is ruined enough.
I live in Florida!!!!! Am I the only one who does and is reading this story?
cowcowmow cowcowmow Apr 04, 2016
Hmm...I like you already, but be yourself too because I'd read anyway!
Xx_Winter-Rose_xX Xx_Winter-Rose_xX Dec 23, 2016
For some reason, when I read 'Miranda & Jake', my mind changed it to Mikasa & Eren XD