How to Survive a Horror Movie ..

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FemaleeeWiz By FemaleeeWiz Updated 2 years ago
100 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie 
To be honest I don't like horror #dont judge if I'm reading it:(
Oh shiz oh shiz oh shiz, I think I might have a problem following this one.
I remember that scene in a movie but I forgot what it was called
DONNTTT LOOK BACK! You already know whats chasing you. And if you don't it doesn't matter. Because if you look back it a higher chance you will trip over something stupid like your own two feet, or a twig, or a tree root
there's so many elm streets in my state, so I went to the closest one in my town on Halloween dressed up as Freddy Kruger. I got so much candy.
Chop off his legs, and as he is slowly dying shove them down his throat