Red licorice Gumlee (Marshall lee x prince gumball)

Red licorice Gumlee (Marshall lee x prince gumball)

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Yin and Yang. Twii and Laa. Push and Pull. Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee. 

Prince Gumball has always respected everyone, and always plays by the rules. He never forgets his manners and is always a perfect sketch of what a Prince you would think should be.

Marshall Lee is the Vampire king, the Ax bassist, singer and heartthrob of Aah. Drinking the red from anything and simply throws it away. A laid back and relaxed vampire I guess you could say. 

Is it true opposites truly do attract? Does this red devouring vampire now crave the love of a certain sugary pink prince? And does this mannerly candy ruler want to rule this vampires' undead heart? Gumlee was always written in the stars, but for a science lover and a musician they just dont see how they can even be friends, let alone fall in love. But then again, what is love? And will they find it in each other?

I kissed a boy and I liked it~ X'D I swear if he sings this in the next chapter imma scream
Oh, he won't be thinking like that about him for long~! X'D X3
                              BABY DONT HURT ME, DONT ME
                              NO MORE
                              that description tho 😙 great job
VoltronTrash VoltronTrash Jul 14, 2016
i'll be happy if each chapter has an mcr reference. Marshall still sad about the breakup too?
Akihiron Akihiron Nov 15, 2016
I'm currently in math being questioned as to why I'm crying like an idiot
Right before this paragraph I was listening to Na na na and it ended, so i looked through the recommended and put on teenagers. Then I read this. It was meant to be