The Violin Who Fell for the Cello

The Violin Who Fell for the Cello

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Vick By _Star-Crossed_ Updated Jun 29, 2015

Do you believe in total opposites attracting? 

Two completely different people, with surprisingly entwined pasts, who had never said a word to each other, have fate suddenly put them together. A major orchestra project involving working together to compose a piece keeps them together for a few weeks.

What will happen?

Ellie is a silent, redhead wallflower with a severe panic disorder. Never uttering a single word to anyone other than her best friend, she's only known for her abnormal speed and freakishly jaw-dropping playing skills for her violin.

Jack is a blaring, humorous player, dating almost every girl in the school.  A cellist, but with little experience. He has a gargantuan ego with an adorable smirk that could make any girl blush profusely in an instant.

With the exception of Ellie.

. . .

"Yet there's a storm behind both of their eyes, a swirl of secret secrets and emotions that the other had to unlock, which would result in utter  chaos."


_Experiment_262_ _Experiment_262_ Feb 11, 2016
I love Ellie!
                              1) We have very similar names, Ella, and Ellie and sometimes people call me Ellie
                              2) She feels the same way about her violin that I do about my cello!
anteaters anteaters Dec 08, 2015
i'm a cellist and i'm a female, let me tell you, i'd love nothing more than to move myself with my instrument but it's so large and so difficult. I still love it to death though.
SometimesISleep SometimesISleep Oct 27, 2015
I play the acoustic guitar, percussion/drums, ukulele, harmonica, and banjo. Next up is either hammered dulcimer or cello.
PhilUnicornLover4 PhilUnicornLover4 Oct 13, 2015
Omg neither do I! I already see so much of myself in this girl, I have such a strong passion for violin and classical music!!
All_That_Jaz All_That_Jaz Jun 04, 2015
I love it already!!!! I want to learn to play the cello so badddd!!!!
_Star-Crossed_ _Star-Crossed_ Mar 14, 2015
@WeDontSpeakofPage250 Yes, the violin is extremely beautiful too, all instruments are in their own way :)