Fortuitous (BoyxBoy)

Fortuitous (BoyxBoy)

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Kandyapple By Kandyapple Updated Aug 03, 2015

Fortuitous, adj. 

1. Happening or produced by chance; accidental.
2. Lucky; fortunate.

Maxwell first fell in love when he was Fifteen. He spent life after that exploring without getting attached because getting attached got you hurt…that was until one message changed everything.

My mom would have said sorry your going through this but tough luck
Tbh my dad would put a hit out on him  and his little bitch squad.
Nadiemesalvara Nadiemesalvara Aug 03, 2015
I was gonna say me af but then that'd be weird and kinda nasty but I still feel like saying me af so...
                              Me af
User_1234 User_1234 Jul 09, 2015
My brother would just beat the shît out of him and my mom would tell me it would get better and my dad would be mad that I had a boyfriend at a "young" age and say I'm his little girl and then eat the shît out of him.
Lulita_vanRooyen Lulita_vanRooyen Jun 01, 2015
omg, #wattpadrequest next time you consider making changes, add the feature of liking comments, coz OMG i looooove some of the comments on here
shhhh_im_a_mermaid shhhh_im_a_mermaid May 12, 2015
My mother would have said "show up everyday to school like your fine , like nothing ever happened. Continue being your normal self because all he wants is a reaction, don't give him one"