Love me, Love me not

Love me, Love me not

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Angelica & Syd By xxTwinDorkZxx Completed

We wrote this in like 8th grade and realized how much we sucked at writing... xD We've improved! :D We are upperclassmen now! So we've decided to keep this lame terrible story on here but make a new one! Its WAY better than this. Has some same characters. :) It's called "Truth is I hate you" Go read it not this!
By the way, this story is not finished! But go ahead and read if you want to. Not the best story ever, just to warn you.

Lame Summary from 8th grade...

Sixteen year old Gabrielle (Gabbie) lived in Georgia and was in custody of her father who lived in Florida after her mother's death. She has new friends, enemies, and maybe even a boy friend... Her dad abuses her and her mom ignores her, and her sisters torture her. Her life is tough and it becomes tougher without her mom by her side.

  • abuse
  • annoyance
  • bathroom
  • boy
  • care
  • cry
  • dance
  • dead
  • fashion
  • fight
  • force
  • friends
  • fun
  • girl
  • hate
  • homcoming
  • hug
  • hurt
  • ipod
  • jealous
  • kick
  • kiss
  • laugh
  • live
  • love
  • movie
  • nervous
  • out
  • player
  • protective
  • started
  • summer
  • tickle
  • wedding
xxTwinDorkZxx xxTwinDorkZxx Apr 10, 2012
@actressen Thanks so much! This story needs a lot of editing!
fvckufo fvckufo Nov 18, 2011
That was really really good. I loved it!
                              It was really sad that her mom died, almost made me cry cause i lost my mom also. 
                              But anyways really great start!
                              Off to the next chapter!
tabidesu tabidesu Sep 23, 2011
aww that was a lot better!  I love everything you edited, great job.  Made the characters seem very real, like they have histories and lives we're just learning about.  Because of that, all the emotional scenes were easier to connect to.  Awesome editing :)
chika_flaka chika_flaka Apr 25, 2011
aww :( shes leaving soo soon i'm going to fan and save in my library because i want to know what happens later in the story. Do her and alex meet again???? 
PollardWharly PollardWharly Apr 04, 2011
Hey you're writing is pretty good! :) There are a few simple errors, but overall it's great. Keep up the good work!
madz_rc madz_rc Mar 24, 2011
hey!i just read the story..i like the plot[well, based on what i've read in the synopsis]..really, so please continue...we'll see from there^^   
                              and, be more descriptive in writing..good luck! =D