Complicated life (Explicit)

Complicated life (Explicit)

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Hey guys this is my first book it's 46 parts in length but a quick less than 200 pg read. Comments have been over all good so please indulge yourself. 

Very few people have simple lives Everyone's life has twist and turns, but for Ariana and Christian there lives are crazy complicated
In college Chris is the shit, on the streets he is a beast, but in his head everything is messed up. The one person he trusted is gone. Now he can't help but to find some way to push everyone that might care even a little bit away.
Ariana is the definition of perfection. She controls everything around her. Well almost everything, she can't control her mother, father, brother or heart. She was in love at some point in time, but as life moved on so did he. Now she has to find a way to be strong again.

Mature content

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