Sold to be loved( An islamic story)

Sold to be loved( An islamic story)

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"Will you marry me?", he asked but i didn't dare to look up at his face. 

How can a man wants to marry a messed up girl like me? After knowing my dark past and knowing what i have been through. How? 

Was it possible? Why out of so many he chose me? Was I worth to be his wife? What about his family, what would they think of me? 

One thing came to my mind with a full force, was I ready?
Romaisa, 22 and Orphan was living with her foster parents since her parents were murdered when she was only 2. Despite the hardships, hurdles and bad days she was a good muslim. ALWAYS believe in ALLAH. Untill one day, on her 22nd birthday her foster parents decided to get her married and as obedient as she was, without any arguments, she accepted the offer and got married but little does she knew that it was not an actual marriage but she was being sold. There would be ups and downs. How would romaisa manage to live? Would she be able to survive? Read it out to know.

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Cats_And_Sweets Cats_And_Sweets Jul 10, 2016
I remember I read this ages ago, and I finally found it again! So happy😘
yoona445 yoona445 Mar 05, 2015
i'm not muslim but oslam fascinates me... love how you blend the stories about romance and faith
millennialsmonologue millennialsmonologue Jan 07, 2015
im not muslim but islam fascinates how you blend the stories about romance and faith!!
TieDyeHijabi TieDyeHijabi Oct 28, 2014
Lol! I love how it starts. "will you marry me?" Just straight to the point, no beating around the bushes or anything. My kinda guy *wiggles eyebrows* lol just started reading! Hope it's good Insha'Allah!
blueshaze blueshaze Oct 10, 2014
THAT IS SO creepy the girl on the cover looks exactly like me mum
its sad that girls degrade themselves.....we should most definitely work hard to thrive in the rights and confidence that Allah has given us