It All Started With A Prank | ✔

It All Started With A Prank | ✔

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[First book in the ''It All Started'' series]

Meet Ariella Woods.Her parents died 2 years ago.She has 4 older brothers and a twin sister.
Twins are supposed to be there for each other, right?They are meant to be Best friends.
But with Ariella that's different.Her twin sister Emma is a total bitch to her.And the worst part about this is that her brothers seemed to prefer her twin sister more than Ariella.They spend more time with Emma more than Ariella. No guy seems to like Ella because of Emma.

Felix Clawford is the bad boy of Roosevelt High He can sweep you off your feets with his cheesy pickup lines and cuteness.He is one of the biggest pranksters in the school.

Will a certain prank bring both of them closer?
Will Ella's brothers understand that Ariella needs them too?Will everything change for the good or will Ariella always be The forgotten twin?Read to find out.

Please don't copy! I spend my entire vacation writing it!

Cover credit goes to letsjam8(She is awesome!)

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