The Snake Child (Orochimaru's Daughter) {Rewriting}

The Snake Child (Orochimaru's Daughter) {Rewriting}

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Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Orochimaru had a kid. Insane right? Well welcome to insanity. Sunēkugāru is Orochimaru's little girl. He doesn't know of her existence. She's never met him. That is until Chunin Exams come running along. I suck at descriptions so this story probably sounds sucky but give it a try.

(Warning: There is swearing and some moderately sexual themes in this story. Do not continue if you are sensitive to these things)

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Was that an insult toward blond humans? Too bad I'm a  brunette :3
Order do Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto. The sour truth v_v. But in my opinion, it's Naruto, Sakura and then Sasuke ^.^
That pic looks like the female version of Guy's suit of 'Youth' XD
Hmmmm I don't exactly want to call naruto an idiot neither with Sasuke so AMA make a random list Tobi, Hidan, Sakura.
trashcan76 trashcan76 Nov 14
If i could only take oreo-chi-moo-moo's hair(it looks so fukin smooth and long)
Gotta say even Naruto's hair sometimes even respects gravity sometimes.