The Snake Child (Orochimaru's Daughter/Naruto) {Rewriting}

The Snake Child (Orochimaru's Daughter/Naruto) {Rewriting}

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Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Orochimaru had a kid. Insane right? Well, welcome to insanity. Sunekugaru is Orochimaru's little girl. He doesn't know of her existence. She's never met him. That is until Chunin Exams come running along. 

This description could be better, but there's some pretty good stuff in here. Give it a try :)

(Warning: There is swearing and some moderately sexual themes in this story. Do not continue if you are sensitive to these things)

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                              The hokage : when I said watch over her this is not what I meant.
She must not like me either cause my hair does that every morning when I wake up😂
My question exactly
                              How does nobody see the resemblance!!?!?!?
Tbh Oreo-pedo would be pretty hot if he didn't turn into an actual snake, he was attractive as a youngion and if he was a (good) female I'd go bi for him
Me: *yells in the distance* yes they do look alike....cause they're father and son!
                              Sune: *sighs*  Knew it...
                              Everyone else: *sweatdrops*
I have blondeish brownish hair that was light blonde when I was born lol......also Her mom has Blonde hair and her Dad pinkish Purpleish i think she might be blonde with hair dye