A Muslims Love Story

A Muslims Love Story

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anonymous1002 By anonymous1002 Updated Jun 01, 2017

****Muhammed and Ameena****

Read this book and see how two people fall in love in during marriage! 

Muhammed POV:
I always wanted my relationship with my wife to be like the prophets (pbuh) relationship with his wife. They were so amazing; you read about them and its like a fairytale. This may be controversial but I think Romeo and Juliet is nothing compared to the prophet (pbuh) love story. 

Ameena POV: 
I prayed Istikharah (a prayer which you ask god for guidance; eg. marriage- should I marry him or not?) and went to sleep on my right side. In my dream I saw the colour white. I was in a wedding dress with a scarf on praying  a prayer behind Muhammad (which was one of my dreams when I got married). 

When I woke up for Fajr I had a smile on my face. I then knew I was ready for marriage with Muhammad. I was hoping he'd say yes!

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islamonah islamonah Oct 29, 2017
So true the prophet was and will always be the most romantic person ever no man can be as romantic as the beloved prophet Muhammad peace and blessini be upon him SAW
crazylover45 crazylover45 Feb 26, 2016
Do ever feel like you just want to be in love because you read way to many love book if yes follow  me
4DiVeRgEnTlover4 4DiVeRgEnTlover4 Feb 13, 2016
Romeo and Juliet committed suicide but the prophet (pbuh) breathe his last in Aishas R.A arms (in her house the place he loved the most) 😭😭 obviously romeo and juliet does not compare
4DiVeRgEnTlover4 4DiVeRgEnTlover4 Feb 13, 2016
The prophet (pbuh) and Aisha R.A 😭😭😭 the most beautiful love story ever 😍❤️❤️❤️
FatiFaiq FatiFaiq Aug 07, 2015
The person who leads the prayer is known as Imaam not imaan. The chapter is amazing.
nads123 nads123 May 26, 2015
I agree! The prophet was so amazing to each one of his wives there's a beautiful love story for him and each wife MashAllah