Maka X Soul

Maka X Soul

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oxLOSTxo By MrsRoronoa__ Completed

Maka falls for Soul when she fell on him and kiss him on accident.  She realized and wants to tell him how she feels!! Will the help of her friends help?!

Soul fell in love with Maka ever since they became partners. He wants to tell her how he feels but he's scared being rejected and destroy there friendship and partnership.

Will they be strangers or will they become a lovey-dovey couple!!!

posh8219 posh8219 Aug 05
I cried at the end I now its a fanfic but I learned two very important lessons #1 a kiss can go far #2 live life to its fullest #3 I found out im very emotional
He shall role the world!!!
                              We shall roleplay every day!!!
                              Me: am I in Heaven~?
I feel like i should change to maka on here.... But id rather just pretend im maka on the fan fiction
                              Im sooo smart... Dont ruin my mood by insulting me... Oh wait i forgot, you can insult me all you want and i wont care
                              Btw this is getting very good to the person who wrote this!
kgirl9800 kgirl9800 Jun 19
I like that, it's great, makes me wish I could actually move right now
So peaceful ... Imma scare him. Hahah trying to co troll my laughter she has done well learned
FanGirl3817 FanGirl3817 Mar 29
Oh my gosh! The plot is pretty good, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! fix your grammer 😭 it's KILLING me! And I'm not trying to be mean. Let's just say I'm trying to give you some friendly advice. But please fix it!