Maka X Soul

Maka X Soul

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xxHATExx By MrsRoronoa__ Completed

Maka falls for Soul when she fell on him and kiss him on accident.  She realized and wants to tell him how she feels!! Will the help of her friends help?!

Soul fell in love with Maka ever since they became partners. He wants to tell her how he feels but he's scared being rejected and destroy there friendship and partnership.

Will they be strangers or will they become a lovey-dovey couple!!!

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good way to strat a book lol
                              poor soul.
                              -steals away all of her books-
                              maka im keeping these untill the end of the book >:3
Y’all are gonna hate me but ...KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE MOTHERFÙCKERS!!!
SakuraScales SakuraScales Dec 21, 2017
She probably tripped on air like what I do to get my Senpai to notice me.
SakuraScales SakuraScales Dec 21, 2017
“He wants to tell her how he feels about him.” 
                              So, I’m getting a hint there’s more than one ship.
SakuraScales SakuraScales Dec 21, 2017
Maka Chop
                              Lucy Kick
                              Am I the only person here getting suspicious about this????
NanamiMomozono01 NanamiMomozono01 Aug 17, 2017
"How he feels about him"
                              LOL I JUST IMAGINED BLACKSTAR AND SOUL