The Bad Boy Hates Me

The Bad Boy Hates Me

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Tyler By LolCake Updated May 01, 2016

Bullying got too serious for Melissa.

She tried to ignore them.

But she always got physically or emotionally hurt.


After transferring to a new school Melissa makes new friends and the bullying stops. Until her biology partner moved, leaving the school. Her new partner just happens to be the Bad Boy: Alex Powers. Turns out she did something wrong to "The Alex Powers" as her friends Jen and Sammi call him. Now Melissa struggles to have Alex as her biology partner because he's too busy hating her.

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- - Mar 31, 2017
So you want your friend to continue getting bullied. Encourage her to change schools...
LogicalNonsense LogicalNonsense Apr 20, 2017
I like how of ALL wattpad bad boy stories, this is the one whos mom actually knows about bullying
- - Mar 31, 2017
Just ask her about it first, it's her schooling not yours...
GamerGirlPlayReader GamerGirlPlayReader Jan 10, 2017
Oooooo I'm impressed even tho I should be sleeping because school but screw sleep!
HalfricanQueen HalfricanQueen Jan 23, 2017
What kind of friend is that she wants her friend to suffer just do she can have someone y can't she transfer with her
SomebodyXXXXX SomebodyXXXXX Jun 04, 2016
Omg this is such a great book!!! Ur a really good writter💖💕❤️