System Start!

System Start!

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BloodyMary4242564 By BloodyMary4242564 Updated Apr 04

Zero, formerly known as Project Zero, isn't alive. Nor is he dead. He's what humans would call a 'robot' or an 'android'. He doesn't feel, he doesn't care. Or, he didn't until he met them.

Them, the people who said his creator was a bad person, that they needed to kill him. Zero hadn't cared. He'd simply tried to do his job. Befriend them, betray them, kill them. Except he found he couldn't bring himself to do the last two.

So he helped them kill his creator, knowing full well that his creator was the only one who knew how to recharge his mechanical heart.
His new friends had been furious when they'd found out, then heartbroken, and then they were crying. The last thing Zero saw before he shut down was the crying forms of his new, only and ALIVE friends.
He thought it was over. Turns out not quite.
Someone in what seemed like a dream calling himself the Creator of Everything told him it would be just a shame to let him go. A robot that had managed to gain a soul. So he was turned into a 'System'.
The 'Make the Villain Suffer and Die at the Hands of the Hero and Heroine' System to be exact.
Zero didn't like his new job.
Then someone came along and tipped his new life into a frenzy.

???: wifey, come back to bed~
Zero: I'm a guy...
???: bed. Here. Now.
Zero: no...
???: come here or I'll chain you up and you'll never be able to leave me.
Zero! *sweating nervously* um.... *world hops away*
???: ?!?!?! No! *chases after*
Zero: *praying* Oh, Lord, Heavenly King, please help this lowly System!

*cover art not mine*