Not His First Choice

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Angela By aayangela Updated 3 years ago
Everyone anticipates real life relationships to bud from on-screen couples. But KathNiel doesn't seem to be headed in that direction. Kathryn likes Daniel, but Daniel has feelings for Yen. When Daniel asks Kathryn to help him court Yen, will Kathryn give in? Will Daniel end up with his first choice or will he end up falling for his wingwoman?
amfpp lahat ng story ng kathniel ganda iluv it 
                                              (kathniel 4ever fan)
Gah, babatukan kita DJ eh. Ganyan napapala ng Manhid. I'll kick you! just wait..
Angela, the kilig factor is higher than I ever felt, even after DomElla.
                                    MAYBE CAUSE I CAN RELATE.
                                    Well, you are the perfect writer, and if you don't update- SANTA BARBARA!