Secret Seduction (ManxMan)

Secret Seduction (ManxMan)

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NawtEnoughKisses By NawtEnoughKisses Updated Jul 22, 2015

A beautiful wife and two kids, CEO of a skyrocketing business, Herlad Floyd has it all. Every man wants to be him; every man but himself. Scared to see everything he's worked for crumble before his eyes, Herald fights to keep the script of the perfect straight man. Until he meets July, hot, sensual, and of all things, honest. Hearld falls into a pool of seduction, exploring everything about his true self that he's never known. How long can he hold secrets from those who love him? How long can he maintain two lives?

Secret: /ˈsēkrit/
not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others.

Seduction: /siˈdəkSHən/
the action of seducing someone.
a tempting or attractive thing.


  • children
  • comfort
  • desire
  • drama
  • family
  • gay
  • husband
  • malexmale
  • manxman
  • married
  • pain
  • wife
sara18392 sara18392 Jul 20, 2017
Could you please send me the link would love to read the full book
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Could you maybe please send the link? It doesn't work and I'd love to read it.❤
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This song is life. I found it from my brother and I could not stop listening to it.
Foreverpink143 Foreverpink143 Nov 24, 2014
It doesn't work. But your story is amazing. I just feel like I'm missing little pieces here and there with out some of these chapters