Restricted Chapter

Restricted Chapter

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8o8_iNSANiTY By 8o8_iNSANiTY Updated Feb 21, 2013

Luke sat on the edge of the bed with me straddling his waist. His kisses were like a drug and I couldn't get enough. I had deprived myself of them for too long and now I was making up for lost time. Where his lips were sweet his touch was hot. his fingers danced across my skin leaving a blazing trail of heat in their wake.

"You're so beautiful." he groaned as I ground against him slightly

"Are you trying to soften me up?" I joked

"Why, is it working?" he asked

"Nope!" I smirked shaking my head. 

"I guess I'll just have to try harder." he said

"I guess you will." I whispered

His hands which were on my hips slid up to the back of my neck; pulling my lips down to meet his. One hand tangled into my hair while the other went to the small of my back holding me tightly. My hands slid down his shoulders to unbutton his shirt.

My hands stilled on the first button. "Wait," I said looking around "Who's room is this?" I asked looking around--kind of late to ask, I know.

"Mine." he r...

ActiveLove ActiveLove May 15, 2016
Why did she call him luke and mr. Sage???? Is that his other name??
Fancy69 Fancy69 Feb 26, 2015
it was just right for her first time.  more details can come with more experience.
__unlimited __unlimited Jan 27, 2015
 do you mean " patience " . I'm laughing so hard for no reason
de1eted de1eted Oct 11, 2014
Too little, we all know it's much more then that and needs more detail
BeckaU BeckaU Jun 18, 2014
Wow, I had to turn on my fan after I read this..I feel so hot.
hopeful_890 hopeful_890 May 09, 2014
no condom?? they shuldnt even get surprised when she get pregnant