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Primordial Blood (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)

Primordial Blood (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)

29.4K Reads 868 Votes 5 Part Story
LordReaper By LordReaper Updated Jul 16, 2014

This isn't a normal Chaos story. This story is filled with action, a bit of drama, and comedy. All rights go to Rick Riordan obviously! Oh and description is the first Chapter also called the Introduction. Anyways hope you all enjoy this story!

wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler May 29, 2016
I can't believe I'm saying this...
                              ~~~~I HAVE DIED EVERYDAY, WAITING FOR YOU!!!!~~~~
                              Yep. True dat!😆
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler May 29, 2016
A lion? Don't the males abandon and kill their young?
                              Don't they make the females hunt?!?!!'
                              😕😐😑 NOT COOL, MAN.
AbeerRauf AbeerRauf Sep 13, 2016
Wait I thought she already knew him from Tartarus and hated him!!??(just like every other immortal)
Ghoul-of-death Ghoul-of-death May 07, 2016
Welp we know what will happen next. *swings legs on table and summons bowl of popcorn*At least I will enjoy his pain.
DeathToForgiveness DeathToForgiveness Jun 13, 2016
You cry because your girlfriend cheated on you? Just call her a ho and  do something else.
Mighty_Riono Mighty_Riono Jul 25, 2016
I feel so bad for Nico. He was just ignored through that whole except when he talked