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Fixing A Pegasus {A MLP Pinkiedash Fanfic}

Fixing A Pegasus {A MLP Pinkiedash Fanfic}

99.9K Reads 4.3K Votes 31 Part Story
Pinkamena Diane Pie By Pinkamena_diane__pie Completed

Pinkie Pie confesses to Rainbow, only finding out Rd's not interested. So when Pinkie gets obsessed with Rainbow loving her, things get out of hoof.
Can Pinkie fix this pegasus, or will Rainbow move on with another?

CloroxShots CloroxShots Mar 24
Great book 💯💯 lovin it so far! Definetely adding it to my reading list!
R3AD3R_01 R3AD3R_01 Mar 21
Hello! I am really enjoying your story. For me, I am also doing a my little pony fanfiction, but it's •AppleDash!• please check it out, I have to parts to it already. Thanks!
LostCreepyPasta LostCreepyPasta 3 days ago
Applejack! Nuuuuuu don't go.
                              YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON RAINBOW
MercedesAnaya MercedesAnaya Oct 05, 2016
I don't ship PinkieDash but the stories are so heartwarming. 
                              Especially Pinkie Promise, I love that one. 
HeidiThompson1310 HeidiThompson1310 Sep 17, 2016
Wait did anyone see... 'Cause if you lie to Pinkie Pie you can kiss your flank behind...' Is she still killing people in this?
WenDipXD WenDipXD Nov 30, 2016
Even knowing I've read the whole book about three times, it never gets old! It really inspires me, I'm new so I only have a story or two that I'm working on but I'm trying to finish them but this gives me something I can write about! I loved it. Really nice dramatic ending!;)