Dead Beginnings (Monstrum # 1) Mature 18+ Only Published

Dead Beginnings (Monstrum # 1) Mature 18+ Only Published

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Taniquelle Tulipano By TaniquelleTulipano Completed


He's like a predator, a big and powerful animal. Trapping the terrified man with his gaze, his attention solely hones on his target. His shoulders are slightly hunched, and his eyes are dark and hungry. His mouth is a harsh line, and his nostrils are slightly flared.

He stalks forward on slow nimble feet. A stance he looks completely natural and at home in. His body language says that he can go in for the kill at any moment, like a snake waiting to strike a venomous bite.


Innocent trainee estate agent Rosannah hasn't given any man so much as a sniff. But everything changes when she meets Raphael Monstrum, a gorgeous, hunky bachelor whose home and life are surrounded by curious rumours. What happens when Rosannah stumbles upon something that she wasn't meant to? With Raphael claiming he's a vampire, Rosannah is plunged into a dark and dangerous world that threatens to swallow her forever. Can she escape before it's too late? And is Raphael telling the truth, or is he just insane? All the answers lie with the mysterious Monstrum household.

Contains adult themes and sexually explicit content. Intended for readers who are 18 and above.

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