That's It For Tonight. (BoyxBoy) Complete.

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(Sequel to Dangerous Love. You don't need to read Dangerous Love to understand this one.)
     Just like his dad's predicted Jacob is now the hot senior guy at school who get's whatever he wants. But he has to share that with another hot guy at school, Rylan Romano. These two hate each other and they do everything to be better than the other. But what if that changes? What if they can't look past each others good looks anymore? What happens when they do something nobody ever thought they would do?
    I suck at descriptions, sorry.
Are these guys trying to be cool? Because it ain't working bruh
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10 years later...
                                    Rylan: hey bitch.
                                    Jacob: wasup hoe
                                    Rylan: I love you bitch, I ain't never gonna stop lovin you bitch
                                    Jacob: I fu.cking hate you so much...
Haha seeing Jacob as a child before and now he's speeding growing up... Oh goodness. *cries emotionally* they grow up so fast
Yay Jayden and river are still together! Also loving the new characters :)
Wow this soo good!! I was looking for something new to read and so glad I found this, I love it so far
at last the sequel is out read the first chapter and already loved it