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Melody By Melody-Blackwell Completed

They honor him. The hunt her.

Jacob Grey is the nation's golden boy. Adelina Morgan is the nation's most notorious criminal. They have no reason to cross paths until a mysterious murder binds them together.

Searching for answers brings about secrets of the nation, bloodshed, and a deep attraction that no one can explain...

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tricia_xx tricia_xx Oct 21, 2017
*spits out water* ahem ahem 9?! Even if this is an alternate universe I’m pretty sure a 9 year old kid isn’t gonna be this smart, like when I was 9 I still couldn’t tie ma shoe laces let alone become some fancy commander person 😂
1MillionthDreamer 1MillionthDreamer Jul 24, 2017
Yeah, is he really only nine? His thinking process seems really advanced, even if he did score a perfect 500
tricia_xx tricia_xx Oct 21, 2017
This is a hunger games / divergent crossover to me. Not that I’m complaining tho 😂
Atalamenta Atalamenta Oct 20, 2017
I've read a real book that is very similar to this. But it was Dutch, and idk if it was translated
kbs6444 kbs6444 Oct 21, 2017
OHHH a really dangerous place. Mmmmmmm, wonder if the main characters are going to go there.
Jamie_Swift Jamie_Swift Nov 04, 2017
Good luck with your story!  I just did my first one as well.