Young Porcelain Bride [ManxBoy - Mpreg/Arrange Marriage]

Young Porcelain Bride [ManxBoy - Mpreg/Arrange Marriage]

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{Warning: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a minor getting married to a man, dislike the idea of same sex relationships, intercourse and marriage, and can't wrap your head around the concept of Mpreg - then, I strongly suggest that you don't read this story. This warning is for you safety and my peace of mind. Thank you.}

Casey Jennings was a quiet fifteen year old boy that no one had ever really paid any attention to in his high school but when he becomes impregnated by his senior crush, Marcel Jacobs, everyone starts to notice him and he learns how cruel people could be when you're young and pregnant. One day, when the father of his child makes fun of him being pregnant - not knowing that Casey is pregnant with his child - Casey tells Marcel off that he is the father of his child. Taken aback by what the fifteen year old had just told him, Marcel punches Casey right in the stomach causing Casey to bleed and have a miscarriage. 

Gordon Bain is a twenty-four year old bank teller, who constantly has to deal with his father always forcing him to go on countless of blind dates with women, even when he has told the old man that he doesn't roll that way. So when he finds out that his father had set him up in an arrange marriage with a pregnant teenage boy, he was furious beyond belief! But when he faces Casey, just when the boy was just told that he had just lost his baby, Gordon couldn't help but feel sad for the boy.

So what happens when Casey is told that he was set up in an arrange marriage, in the mids of all his chaos? And now that Gordon has met Casey, will he be able to look over the fact that he was going to marry someone who already lost their virginity to someone else?


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YourGirl_Nyah YourGirl_Nyah Aug 23, 2017
I haven't even started this book and I already want to kill somebody
Toyirbasar Toyirbasar Jun 27, 2017
Love and obsession takes over anything i am!!..anticipating here(^_^)/
Welp they're saying in front of a biggest mirror seeing themselves😏
Toyirbasar Toyirbasar Jun 27, 2017
Really a fact for them to discuss in disgust rather than awe or wonder..😩😒😡oh! i hate society for this!!..gosshh!!!😢
o0Septiplier0o o0Septiplier0o Nov 01, 2015
It's just like that time in middle school where your home ec teacher pairs you up with someone to make a pie and you can't decide whether to make raspberry or peach mango
hisgoldenprincess hisgoldenprincess Oct 21, 2015
Actually, in every US state a minor age 16 and can get married with the consent of their parent/s. AND in several states you can be married as young as age 14 if one party is pregnant. So negating the fact it's an MPreg story, there isn't too much difference in fact and fiction.