Shorts (Boyxboy one shots)

Shorts (Boyxboy one shots)

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Wolfy By Wolf_Fire_Ice Updated Apr 03, 2016

Bright coloured guy’s shorts or briefs. 

Most guys don’t wear them, others wear nothing but. Some can pull it off, dangerously well even; others are better off wearing plain colours. What is it that drives people crazy about those shorts or briefs when they are confronted by them? 

Curious to see how hot blooded guys react to the bright coloured underwear?

cheekybumseckslover cheekybumseckslover Oct 07, 2016
I searched this and your one shot book was the first to pop at the top
I'm guessing they're all werewolves(or something like that) and they don't allow humans
SeaOfHazel SeaOfHazel Aug 05, 2016
Damn... Why do I find that so hot... Just add another to my list of strange attractions.
- - Jun 13, 2016
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mmhmm you know you're about to go wank it out in that bathroom.
Da_Bajan_Bacca_Mage Da_Bajan_Bacca_Mage Aug 13, 2016
Lilacrose this is yet another one of the books for the dare.
I just realized he could literally just go to the store and buy a pack of underwear for a few bucks -_-