The Midnight Man (Troyler)

The Midnight Man (Troyler)

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"Hello." He hissed out of the corner of the dark room, I dared to call mine. He sounded distant, but I still cowered to direct my attention towards him. I soon felt cold air on the back of my neck, forcing me to turn around. His eyes were red like flames, clothes disheveled and torn. Even though his soul appeared dark, the pink in his lips was still prominent. His pitch black hair stood perfectly on top of his face that screamed beauty and danger. But the slightest blood stains on his hands reminded me of what he really was. 

A pair of lips barely touched my neck, sending shivers down my spine, "I've been waiting," he whispered against my skin. 

He was my childhood monster.
He was just a demon.  
He was The Midnight Man. 

And I think I loved him.

//First book of the series//

**please don't steal this. if you do ur a dick**

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ArinaaRosee ArinaaRosee Jul 02, 2017
I'm a rereader and I remember reading this when I was 15 thinking "God, same." But now I'm 18 and I'm like "Lol you're 14, babe plz."
calendar3 calendar3 Aug 10, 2017
B**ch I ain't summoning the devil ~runs and hides under covers~
bloomsivan bloomsivan Apr 22
I swear every time I reread this I get so jealous that tyler gets a cute demonic boyfriend
bloomsivan bloomsivan Apr 22
Those lyrics are like something the troye fandom would post on twitter and call it leaked since we’re so desperate for content
izzybee12504 izzybee12504 May 03, 2017
This was literally Shane's video today and it's accurate and I'm crykfnt
riyatherat riyatherat May 01, 2017
Knowing me i would burn the whole house down before even being able to summon the midnight man