First Generation: The Hybrid...

First Generation: The Hybrid...

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Shamya Johnson By LunaShamya Completed

WARNING! This book is being edited and rewritten to be prepared for publishing. Once published, half of the chapters will be taken down so enjoy the full book while it lasts!

Celeste Wroth is 20 years old and a hybrid.  Child of a werewolf and a vampire, she's learned how to downplay herself and her abilities. She holds a low rank in her pack although she is twice as strong as any alpha; she lets them think they're more powerful. Her plan was to simply work at a dead end job, holding a dead end rank for the rest of her life. But what happens when her world flips and sends her through a spiral? What will Celeste do then? 

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RosemaryHusbands RosemaryHusbands Jul 10, 2014
look you got me holding on to so many tree's i don't know which fire too light. i am going to hold my smoke  today