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The Fault in Our Shooting Stars

The Fault in Our Shooting Stars

21.6K Reads 817 Votes 9 Part Story
Rebekah By BekkaChaos Updated Mar 22, 2015

Gallavich AU – The Fault in Our Stars

Ian Gallagher is your average sarcastic teenager, well, plus a set of lungs that don't work and a body that had once been savaged by cancer. Now he's just living with it. The whole thing is a droll monotonous ride, passing by in immeasurable amounts of time, that is until he meets the rough-around-the-edges Mickey Milkovich at Cancer Kid Support Group. Mickey is unlike anyone else Ian has met, and he gets what it means to be a teenager with cancer living in the South Side. They strike up a friendship of sorts and Ian thinks that maybe Mickey is going to be the great star-crossed love of his life, but does Mickey have other ideas? Does fate? Find out when Shameless meets The Fault in Our Stars.

MzKnowitAll MzKnowitAll Nov 28, 2016
After the first chapter I already know I'm going to love this
Neon_Deadbeat Neon_Deadbeat Jul 06, 2016
why can I picture Mickey doing this in my head right now I'm deadass laughing
tinytree tinytree Jun 26, 2016
I can already tell this fic is going to be the death of me I'm ready
Ziallforever Ziallforever Jul 09, 2015
I just started the show and now I have found this my life just got so much better
sorryimadri sorryimadri Jun 11, 2015
am i the one that's thinking of the time where carl thought he caught cancer
RavenMinajjj RavenMinajjj Aug 05, 2014
I love this already. I've been looking for a good boyxboy book based off of Tfios. This is amazballs.